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Retrofit Installations

Cruise Control


The main function of a cruise control, as everybody knows, is to enable your vehicle to maintain a constant speed while resting your right foot.

But have you ever thought about the other benefits?

  • Ease driver fatigue.
  • Improve fuel consumption.
  • Minimise the chance of being caught speeding.
  • Less stress on a vehicles engine.
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions.

Our latest can-bus systems from Laserline and Sempal work in conjunction you’re your existing vehicle systems to give seamless integration. With extensive features such as brake/clutch disengage, speed resume and speed variable controls they really are a viable alternative to expensive manufacturer systems.

All of our cruise control systems can also be ultilised as a speed limiter system to stop any unauthorised speeding.

Heated Seats


Heated seats are mainly installed onto the front seats of vehicles, although on occasions we have also fitted them to rear seats

PDACAR install heated seats in Harrogate with all of the care and quality that you would expect from factory installed parts. The seats are full stripped ensuring that the largest possible area is heated, and both the base of the seat and the back have pads installed

Wherever possible original cable routes are also used, so you can be confident that no wires will be visible, and the will not be caught by items being placed under the seat etc.

A variety of switches are available ranging from a simple 2 stage, to one that is completely variable. Please feel free to discuss your needs with us, so we may advise you on the most suitable product.

We install heated seats on all makes and models, and are pleased to install for many main dealers including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Range Rover, and many more. We are also pleased to conclude installations for the general public.

Parking Sensors


PDACAR’s range of parking sensors from companies like such as Steelmate, Cobra and Laserline can be fitted to the front and/or rear of virtually any vehicle to give peace of mind whilst parking.

Parking sensors (often referred to as PDC) will also protect against costly scrapes and bumps and to help reduce the stress of reversing in ever tighter parking spaces.

All sensors can be painted to match the vehicle paint colour to ensure they look an integral part of the vehicle bumper, while setting adjustments can easily be made to accommodate a tow bar.

We can also supply and fit a range of reversing cameras take parking safety to the next level with a compact dash mounted 3.5 inch colour screen, enabling drivers to literally see what is behind their vehicle when reversing. Aiming to take the stress away from drivers constantly working in restricted urban environments and to reduce the hefty bills a commercial vehicle can run up in reversing related body damage.

Towbar Fitting


PDACAR are proud to deal DIRECTLY with the nations leading towbar manufacturers.

This means that we can supply and fit a wide range of high quality towbars to suit all needs and purposes with warranty backup second to none. You can also expect the excellent customer service and installation that the manufacturers insist on.. All of the towbars that we fit are mounted to the fixing points as specified by the car manufacturer, and are Type Approved where appropriate.

There are 3 types of towbar to choose from, flange ball, swan neck and detachable towbars. We will assist you to choose the correct type of towbar based on your vehicle, intend use and accessories you may wish to use with your towbar like cycle carriers, reverse parking sensors, bumper guards etc.

PDACAR also supply and install a massive range of towbars accessories such as cycle carriers, hitches, 13 pin Eurpean electrics adaptors.

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